Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth

I usually stay away from growing tomatoes from seed. I tried but they all turned out spindly, weedy and small. Moreover, I usually ended up with too many yet felt unable to kill off the runts. Last year I had great success with just buying plants from a nursery (grape tomatoes for container-growing). This year I was going to buy plants for my plot.

This intention has been nixed (or at least been reduced in scale). I just got some tomato seedlings from a colleague at work. All were second leaf and in need of further transplanting. Apparently, her boyfriend, never having had a garden, has commandeered their bedroom and turned it into a greenhouse. I think she is glad to be rid of a few of them, however, that means that they are my responsibility now.

Varieties are Momotaro (mid season, indeterminate, two seedlings), Early Girl (early season, indeterminate, two seedlings), Black Tomato (dark purplish colour, indeterminate, four seedlings) and Gold Nugget (yellow cherry, determinate). Let's see how they are going to turn out.

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