Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh joyous day!

Today - after some failed starts - I received my registration papers for my community garden plot (that's an allotment for Brits or Schrebergarten for Germans) in North-East Portland, OR. Finally! I suppose the office is staffed by volunteers and my emails have just been falling through the cracks. Receiving it almost became an obsession - every time the mail came I was perking up, just to have my hopes dashed every day.

I am quite excited about my first community garden experience and have been looking through gardening books and seed catalogues for the past few weeks now. I have grown vegetables in the past, so I kind of know what to go for and how much to plant. But it will be fun to throw in an "experiment" just to see. I will also have to adapt to gardening in the Pacific NW, which is similar to SW UK in climate but not quite the same. For one, it gets much hotter and drier in summer here.

So there you have it. This blog will chronicle my experiences gardening, warts (slugs?) and all.