Saturday, May 24, 2008

more work to be done...

Have I really not posted anything for 2 weeks?!?

Last weekend and the few days preceding it was the first of hot weather (over 90 degrees) so I went to the garden nearly every day to make sure that the recently planted tomatoes and peppers would survive (not to speak of the seeds). [Note: the peppers I reported planting are "Banana" and "Nardello's", both sweet, the aubergine is "Ichiban"]

I also missed the garden clean-up on the 10th but was told afterwards that the plots on my side of the garden had been measured out wrong - mine was about 1' shorter but on the other hand nearly 1' wider. It's all to do with being able to fit a wheelbarrow down the main path but unfortunately (or luckily) I already had planted strawberries there. So they decided to exclude me for this year from that "law".

Of course, this being the Pacific Northwest, the few days of heat and sunshine were followed by buttloads of rain and cold temperatures. At least I didn't have to water anymore.

Just went out today to clear the path next to my plot, to make it easier for me to walk around my realm. It's really a shame, the plot next to me has not been taken up so the weeds are knee-high. I wonder if they have reassigned it yet...

Surprisingly not too many weeds considering, and the sprouting broccoli is doing really well. There are even little heads appearing. Collards and the shoots of the potatoes have appeared. Strawberries looking good (although with 5 plants I'm only getting a handful), trying to keep the slugs away from the fruit by sprinkling coffee grounds around them - will report if those little buggers get to them despite this measure. No sign of carrots. *sigh*

Still a little bit too cold to plant beans and zucchini but soon! But found this cool soil temperature map, that even has a 5-day forecast per region. It should be ok for the beans at least next weekend.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

First big planting day

Garden Fever is my temptation...Yesterday I got two pepper plants (forgot to note down the names...will report on what they are in due course) and an aubergine (ditto...). I also bought a "Lemon" cucumber on the spur of the moment.

I missed the garden clear-up yesterday since it clashed with my yoga class but there has been so much work done in all/most of the gardens. It's good to see things starting to grow and all the effort that people are putting in it.

With the weather forecast promising up to 90 degrees (that's 30-something in old money) by the end of the week and no frost in sight I have decided to risk planting the tomatoes out. Today was the day I went out with Toxicfingers to get some work done.

First off was weeding which wasn't too bad. Thinned out the broccoli which seems to be doing well. Constructed a trellis for the pole beans. Planted six tomato plants (all the ones from Garden Fever plus 1 of Early Girl and Momotaro, still leaving at least 8 tomato plants at home), the peppers and aubergine, plus a few nasturtiums along the long edge of the plot. Checked on the rest of the plot - no sign yet of the collards or carrots. Chives are ok though. Perhaps it's something to do with a hard c....

Would like to get the zucchini and other plants started in pots, will do that over the next few days.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The calm before the storm

Not much going on except hail every week...

Checked on the plot yesterday to ascertain that, yes, the carrots still haven't yet germinated. I resowed a row of arugula and carrots to see if I can something can be salvaged.

Someone left some seed potatoes in the communal shed and I couldn't resist to just stick down three of them (Butterfingers, Rose Finn Apple and Dark Red Norland). Got also tempted by the collard seeds and sowed a short row of them.

Made up the rest of the beds and discovered that I am two short of my planned number of beds. Oh well, I'll just have to reorganise...

Hoping for improvements in the weather to get started on the tomatoes, beans, etc. It really feels like that everything will get going soon.