Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seed and plant list

After much deliberation I have come up with my order for what to grow next year, going back to old favourites like rocket and marigolds, trying new things like Turks Turban squash, and yes - tomatoes from seed (I fall for them every year, maybe this is the year it'll work out).

I tried to only order from one place but some varieties seemed a lot cheaper or more interesting "on the other side". So here it is, my list, including some flowers as well.

Thompson & Morgan
  • Pantheon Bean (supposed to be really good on bad soil and in crappy weather)
  • Mixed Patty Pan squash
  • Turks Turban Squash (pretty if they work out)
  • Patula Nana Single Legion of Honour marigolds (old variety, prolific)
  • Purple Moldovan Wight Garlic (hardneck variety)
  • Jack Flash Silene (not sure about it, may come off the list at the last minute)

  • Crystal Lemon Cucumber (liked them when I grew them in Portland)
  • Super Marmande Tomatoes (grew Marmande one year in London and they turned out well as I remember so super should be even better, right?)
  • Chantenay Red Core 2 carrots (growing carrots on clay...hmmm)
  • Oakleaf Oakley Rocket (can't grow enough of the stuff...)
  • Rhubarb Duo Pack Stockbridge Arrow and Victoria (crumble! yay! eventually...)
I'll probably also grow the white beetroot again (still have some seeds left I think) but wasn't too impressed with the rest of the stuff. Order is going in soon as the garlic should be planted by the end of November.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lost and found

The sky cleared and I took the opportunity to clean up the garden, in readiness for shutting it down for winter. I am still leaving the tomatoes out in the vain hope of some ripening before the first frost. The raspberries are nearly finished too and I need to read up on when I am supposed to cut the canes back. Gave up on the beans.

As I was clearing the patty pan away I found a few that are just ready for a stir-fry and a larger, weird-shaped, yellow thing. Also a stray cucumber and some very green tomatoes, which are now nestling next to a banana in the kitchen.

The thyme has gone a bit crazy. Since I loathe running out after dark and into spiderwebs just to get a sprig or two of herbs, I am going to try drying it. The oregano didn't grow as big but I think it got a bit smothered by the thyme.

With everything put onto the garden compost heap and the canes put away, it suddenly looks empty. Plenty of space now though to put my home-grown guinea pig compost down! Soon, planning for next year.