Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome back harvest

In my two-week absence it rained a lot which meant that all plants survived but unfortunately it also meant that a lot of the fruit either got mouldy, overripe or fell prey to the snails. Some beans will be left on the plant now to save for seeds. Nice trio of patty pan squash and a handful of colourful tomatoes.

Stained hands from raspberry picking - looks like I've been in a blood bath. Had some help picking them from the Girl but apparently "bugs squik her out". More fruit to save for later, although my freezer is getting full. I may have to look into alternative ways of preserving soon.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A tomato and a squash


I've been wondering for a few days whether this tomato was ripe yet. I have decided today that it is :) Maybe I should have labelled the tomatoes instead of mixing them up, otherwise I would have realised a bit earlier that it was the variety "Orangeberry". Only a couple of the tomatoes have a really distinctive shape so I need to guess a little bit. Also, one of the patty pan plants finally decided to fruit (the Mixed ones; the "Pattison Orange" is not doing much at all other than flower).

In addition, I got more beans (now some being turned into salad and the rest frozen) and raspberries (I think they may actually deserve ice-cream to go with them). I could almost survive on my garden (especially if I kept a couple of chickens and, er, a cow...).