Monday, February 16, 2009

Ordered seeds and tubers and other stuff

Finally did my order tonight, following my original list. I more or less stuck to it - very proud of myself - with only the occasional diversion. In addition to what I set out to buy, I also got some white beetroot, salad onions, salad endive and raspberry canes. I also changed my mind on the patty pan and ordered them from realseeds instead of Thompson & Morgan. I at first was not too keen but then I found a good picture of 'Pattison Orange' on a blog - the image on realseeds doesn't do them justice. I also briefly toyed with the idea of getting a gooseberry bush - when was the last time you had a gooseberry, eh? I know I haven't had them for ages - last time was when I was a kid from my grandma's garden (it was stuffed full of soft fruit and also had a greengage, a sour cherry, apple and pear trees). I think they were still one of the old varieties with lots of spines (although it does keep children away).

So now I have to only figure out where I am going to put all this stuff, especially as a seed swap with Karesansui is in the offing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

snow, cold and nothing doing

It has been cold and snowing on and off over the last two weeks so I haven't ventured out in the garden much. Once the weather clears a little bit I will start (hopefully). Today I collected some leaves from my bay tree; it's nice to be able to replenish the herb cupboard on a whim.

My compost bin is full now with guinea pig waste and vegetable peelings, so much so that I had to start another pile next to it. Must remember though to move the bag immediately to the assigned area - I left one just outside the backdoor overnight and it was ripped open by a fox. Must have been a bit of a surprise for the fox though: "ooh yummy, someone left a rubbish bag! Ugh, it's full of poo!"

Haven't done anything else, not even ordered any seeds. Must rectify soon. I've collected some seeds from a bought butternut squash though. Last year this method was quite successful with a Kabocha, more so than the expensive seeds I got through a catalogue. Task of re-organising the garden seems a bit daunting...