Monday, February 21, 2011

Seed list 2011

Just had a quick look through my box of seeds, gearing up for the new season. I still have loads of seeds left from last year which should still be good enough (germination rate won't be as good but then again it's worth a try).

So here is this year's list of contenders:

(Note to self: I will not over-sow. I will NOT over-sow).

  • Patty Pan Squash 'Pattison Orange'
  • Patty Pan Squash Mixed
  • Cucumber Crystal lemon
  • Tomato 'Red Pear'
  • Tomato ‘Tigerella’
  • Tomato 'San Marzano'
  • Tomato 'Costoluto'
  • Tomato 'Orangeberry'
  • Tomato 'Ildi'
  • Rocket Oakley (mixed with Mixed Leaves from the BBC Dig In project)
  • Carrot Chantenay Red (also from the BBC)
  • Climbing Bean Panthenon
  • Squash Turks Turban
  • Beetroot 'White'

I also have Kale Dwarf Green Curled on order, along with peat pellets which gave me very good results last year. I may also try and steal some seeds from the green-skinned pumpkin from the Turkish supermarket down the road ;) Now I just have to find a slightly bigger garden...