Saturday, March 14, 2009

Step 3: the great transplant action

Yesterday I managed to grab a couple of hours to shift the plants from the new vegetable side to the dedicated flower side. I am very pleased with the area where the irises are now situated, mixed in with a few sedums. To the right of them I put the acanthus and bergenia - keeping my fingers crossed that they re-establish themselves.

I also found quite a few surprises, some plants of unknown origin and species. They look interesting so I plonked them in and I'll see what happens. I also found lots more bulbs, violets and bagfuls of creeping comfrey. A hebe and an oleander joined the bushes at the back of the border. There is a lilac tree that I am tempted to move closer to the deck, replacing a dogwood shrub but I am not sure about that yet.

It was supposed to be raining today but in fact it was nice and sunny so I had to get the garden hose out to give them a good watering. After all these changes I might actually have enough space for all my vegetables. Now I only need to improve the soil and start sowing...

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toxicfingers said...

Will you be adding a chicken coop to this beautiful arrangement?

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