Monday, February 16, 2009

Ordered seeds and tubers and other stuff

Finally did my order tonight, following my original list. I more or less stuck to it - very proud of myself - with only the occasional diversion. In addition to what I set out to buy, I also got some white beetroot, salad onions, salad endive and raspberry canes. I also changed my mind on the patty pan and ordered them from realseeds instead of Thompson & Morgan. I at first was not too keen but then I found a good picture of 'Pattison Orange' on a blog - the image on realseeds doesn't do them justice. I also briefly toyed with the idea of getting a gooseberry bush - when was the last time you had a gooseberry, eh? I know I haven't had them for ages - last time was when I was a kid from my grandma's garden (it was stuffed full of soft fruit and also had a greengage, a sour cherry, apple and pear trees). I think they were still one of the old varieties with lots of spines (although it does keep children away).

So now I have to only figure out where I am going to put all this stuff, especially as a seed swap with Karesansui is in the offing.


Auntie Em said...

Would you like to have some worm-castings to go with the seeds o midori-te san?

Green Butterfingers said...

Do you think I can get those worm castings from yours to mine on public transport?

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