Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seed and plant list

After much deliberation I have come up with my order for what to grow next year, going back to old favourites like rocket and marigolds, trying new things like Turks Turban squash, and yes - tomatoes from seed (I fall for them every year, maybe this is the year it'll work out).

I tried to only order from one place but some varieties seemed a lot cheaper or more interesting "on the other side". So here it is, my list, including some flowers as well.

Thompson & Morgan
  • Pantheon Bean (supposed to be really good on bad soil and in crappy weather)
  • Mixed Patty Pan squash
  • Turks Turban Squash (pretty if they work out)
  • Patula Nana Single Legion of Honour marigolds (old variety, prolific)
  • Purple Moldovan Wight Garlic (hardneck variety)
  • Jack Flash Silene (not sure about it, may come off the list at the last minute)

  • Crystal Lemon Cucumber (liked them when I grew them in Portland)
  • Super Marmande Tomatoes (grew Marmande one year in London and they turned out well as I remember so super should be even better, right?)
  • Chantenay Red Core 2 carrots (growing carrots on clay...hmmm)
  • Oakleaf Oakley Rocket (can't grow enough of the stuff...)
  • Rhubarb Duo Pack Stockbridge Arrow and Victoria (crumble! yay! eventually...)
I'll probably also grow the white beetroot again (still have some seeds left I think) but wasn't too impressed with the rest of the stuff. Order is going in soon as the garlic should be planted by the end of November.

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Green Butterfingers said...

They were out of teh garlic I wanted so ordered Lautrec Wight instead...

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