Saturday, April 4, 2009

first sowing activity in the garden

Last weekend was the day of streetcar first use and the Big Compost Getting: 8x70 litre bags, which gave a good covering for the planting area. And then I didn't do anything for a week, except put the raspberries in.

The tomatoes seeds are a bit slow in coming up and I just re-sowed Ildi, Tigerella and San Marzano today. The other varieties were ok, just those are a bit hesitant. The aubergine didn't want to come out either. That's why I usually don't grow these things from seed, I find it a disappointing experience, almost crushing. The toilet roll method may not be the best way to go.

Today was nice, sunny and warm which encouraged hanging out in the garden for a while. So I finally planted the potatoes and the Mange Tout which probably could have been happily outside for a couple of weeks already. I also sowed some rows of Welsh onion, white beetroot, radish and endive. In this weather it is tempting to start early but I bet we have a few more cold days ahead.


Arwen said...

Wow, looks great!

Janet said...

hang on in there with the toilet rolls Simone (!) I have had 3/5 success with them for runner beans and am now trying your half a T R method for a load of other stuff.

Happy Easter (gardening) , let's hope for gentle warm rain at night and sunny days.


Green Butterfingers said...

I usually direct sow beans but I think I need to try giving the cucumbers a head start. Haven't giving up on toilet roll method just yet...

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